You don’t want your customers to buy from your competitors?

We agree! With our Customer Identity Management (CIAM) you can create unique customer purchasing experiences and retain your customers long-term through excellent customer service. Some examples include:


Centralized Logins, Customer profiles with order-history and order-tracking, Selfservice Password-Changing, Identity Federation through SAML or OpenIDConnect, B2B, B2C, SSO, Newsletter-Registration with Double-Opt-in, separated user-databanks for multiple Shops, Mobile Apps with native SDK.


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Customer IAM – The boost your business needs

Offer your customers exceptionally good service
Digitalize your Customer-Data
Create the connection between online and offline
Start to really get to know your customers

We are your CIAM experts

Our Customer IAM service portfolio

From the as-is analysis, through the selection of the appropriate technology, to implementation, project management and support in the operation of your IAM solution. Whether over the entire project or in individual phases – we support you exactly where you need it.

Your Customer IAM benefits with amiconsult

Personalized customer experience
  • Personalized login and shopping experience
  • Improved targeting
  • Individualized offers
Comprehensive customer understanding
  • Progressive Profiling
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Identity Analytics
Increased Customer Loyalty
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Personalized newsletters
  • Retargeting
State-of-the-Art UX-Flows
  • Simple navigation (Information Architecture)
  • Reduction of complexity (Simplified User Flow)
  • Contextual Help & Micro Interactions
Optimized customer experience
  • Social login
  • Self-service functions
  • Smooth experience across all platforms (omnichannel)
Process automation
  • User-Self-Service
  • Single Source of Truth
  • Business Process Automation
Simplified partner management
  • Manage permissions
  • Central management of user accounts
  • Segmentation
Process automation
  • User-Self-Service
  • Single Source of Truth
  • Business Process Automation
Improved customer understanding
  • Progressive Profile
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Identity Analytics
State-of-the-Art UX-Flows
  • Simple navigation (Information Architecture)
  • Reduction of complexity (Simplified User Flow)
  • Contextual Help & Micro Interactions
Delegated access administration
  • Manage 3rd party access
  • Reduced workload
  • Granular control
Targeted personalization
  • Personalized addressing of partners
  • Personalized addressing & targeting of customers
  • Increased retention
Reduced expenses
  • Relief of Support & Helpdesk (Self-Service)
  • Business process automation
Avoid warnings
  • Comply with duty to provide information
  • Adhere to compliance guidelines
  • Connect new services without cumbersome data migrations in a short period of time.
  • Modern cloud architectures allow systems to grow with you
  • Manage access permissions
  • Context-sensitive access control
  • Continuous monitoring
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Increased security through multiple security factors
  • Reduced phishing risk
  • User friendly & easy to use
Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)
  • Framework for Identity Management
  • Automation of access processes
  • Transparent access processes
Privileged Access Management (PAM)
  • Manage privileged accounts automatically
  • Minimize insider threats
  • Adhere to compliance policies
Risk Based Authentication (RBA)
  • Context-sensitive risk analysis
  • Dynamic authentication
  • Analyze behavior patterns
  • Passwordless authentication using biometric data
  • Public standard
  • Very strong security level
Consent management
Data lifecycle management
Complete auditing

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