Our Service Cocktail


SAP Technology or Identity & Access Management – we are your contact!

We offer an excellent and irresistible cocktail of great service and expertise that leaves you craving for more. Our service-cocktail starts with a light note of freshness in IT outsourcing and becomes more powerful with in-depth knowledge of project sourcing, SAP technology and agile transformation. What comes next will blow your taste buds away: Our expertise in Identity and Access Management evokes incredible feelings. The security of being able to rely on the amiconsult crew lets you peacefully sink into the beach chair and relax with a straw in your cocktail.

IT Outsourcing

We are your outsourced IT department for medium-sized businesses: You concentrate on your core business, we take care of your IT. Our communication with you is always trustworthy as well as transparent, only selling what we really believe in. Still unsure about whether or not we are a good match? No problem, ask for a free trial!

Project Sourcing

Our strength is to send the decisive key player for your project in no time. This way, you achieve your project goals faster, more efficiently and with higher quality. Depending on the project, we slip into different roles and act as a lateral thinker, motivator, consultant, developer, project manager, friend, ideas provider, designer and sometimes also as a scrum master.

SAP Technology

SAP has become the leading provider of cloud technologies. With the acquisitions of the last few years, SAP has been able to significantly expand its service portfolio. We have been in contact with many of these products from very early on in our partnership. We know how to optimally integrate the wide range of products into an established system landscape and existing business processes while exploiting the technical possibilities to the fullest.

Identity & Access Management

We help you manage and protect your digital identities within your company. In doing so, we familiarize ourselves with the entire life cycle of your users and support you in your project, both in terms of consulting and development. Together, we find the right solution for your company, create the appropriate interfaces, simplify your processes and prepare you for current privacy laws and security guidelines.

Agile Transformation

Being agile is more than creating different conditions. It is rather a journey that fundamentally affects the culture of the company as well as the cooperation and interaction of the individual teams. We help you find the right path on your individual agile journey.

Do you need help with your choice?

No problem! Our service team is always happy to help you. Here you will get fast and competent advice. We look forward to your call or e-mail.