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In all likelihood, all but the luckiest (or youngest) of us have had an employer before that was most interested in us during the job interview and the relationship steadily petered out from there. A meeting with the boss was…

Scrum vs. Kanban: What fits better?

When teams are going through an agile transformation, they often wonder whether they should organize using Scrum or rather choose Kanban.   Starting by following one of the two frameworks or methodologies is always a good idea if your team…
Post its an einer Wand

The Beginning of the amiconsult Blog

Let’s start with the WHY … Warum? Die Mutter aller Fragen. Sie steht immer ganz am Anfang. Gerade dann, wenn man ein neues Kapitel beginnen möchte, ist es unheimlich wichtig, sich den Grund dafür vor Augen zu führen. Warum also…
Arbeitsplatz mit Kaffeetasse und Laptop