Diversity Makes The Difference!

We are about 50 employees in Karlsruhe and Berlin with different careers and backgrounds. We are united by the passion for our job. Since 2003 we support our customers as an external IT department and software partner.

Our most valuable asset.

Our agile service management guarantees smart process optimizations. In the project business, we act pragmatically at all times and always send the consultant who best fits the customer into the race. Since our founding, we have focused on SAP cloud products and Identity & Access Management. With our expert knowledge, we support our clients in reaching the next evolutionary stage of digital transformation.

Management Team

Jochen Hamm

Software Development, CEO, Managing Partner

Entrepreneur and Visionary Jochen is the strategist in the management team and responsible for web and software development projects. He is the co-founder of amiconsult GmbH and Managing Partner of the company.

Daniel M. Meyer

IT System Administrator, CEO, Managing Partner

Motivator and Networker Daniel is the co-founder of amiconsult GmbH and responsible for the IT System. As a motivator and network engineer, he is always strives to bring the best out in our team.

Achim Uhrig

Director Consulting, Officer with Procurement

Communicator and CCO Achim has built, and is now leading, the SAP Consulting department and is also acting as its Key Account Manager. His other focus areas are recruiting and marketing.


Languages we speak
Employees are called Felix
Average Age
Ride bicycle to the office

Foundation Due to customer demand, Jochen Hamm and Daniel Meyer found amiconsult GmbH.

The idea is to create a surrounding which is fun to work at, since most everyone spends more time in the office than at home.

This vision is to create a strong direct partnership with customers acting as the “friend” to always turn to for questions. From the beginning we’ve been striving to establish a holistic consulting approach. This means we offer more than an immediate solution, always keep an eye on the bigger picture thereby offering solutions that create greater value for our customers.



ami = from latin amicus (friend)

consult = short for consulting


New customers in Software Development amiconsult develops a custom Sales Accounting solution for Bardusch, Germany.


EnBW amiconsult is building a Priority-Project assessment Solution for EnBW.


New Opportunities Achim extends our business activities: SAP Consulting on Enterprise Level. The composition of a new business sector begins with SAP NetWeaver/KM, Content Management solutions and Business Consulting, especially for Marketing & IT.


Web Development To accommodate the growing demand of websites for small- and middle-sized businesses, we specialize in future-oriented Web Technologies.


We need more space Move from Amalienstraße 19 to the new and more spacious Amalienstraße 33.


SAP The consulting department is growing and more people are needed. We focus on SAP Identity Management topics especially in Support and Operations.


SAP Analytics and SAP Hybris We are pushing into new SAP technology markets by merging our web development skills with established SAP knowledge. With our start-up spirit and hands-on mentality, we make a perfect fit for SAP Analytics and SAP Hybris Scrum projects.


Summer Event in Austria A whole weekend full of action and adventure surrounded by stunning nature. During rafting, we’re literally all sitting in one boat, bonding us as a team. Canyoning pushes everyone’s limits.


System house development Meanwhile the system house is getting more important for our customers. Starface and VoIP promise success.


The team is getting bigger We are 18 people now.


Continuous Growth Both the SAP Consulting team and the amiconsult ACADEMY are in need of new talent. At the end of the year, we expanded to 26 Employees.


Shared Adventure Black Forest is calling for a whole weekend of fun, action and laughter. Raft building requires team-spirit and close collaboration while climbing the “heavens ladder” needs a fair bit of courage. Easy partying deep into the night rounds up this exciting experience.


We made it to 30 In May, we breached the magic 30-Employee border.


40 times full power. A second great step in 2018. Searching for more space is pushed.