Friendship in action

Our most valuable asset.

Our about 90 employees in Karlsruhe and Berlin all come with different careers and backgrounds. We are united by the passion for our job. Since 2003, we support our customers as an external IT department and software partner.

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Management Team

Three pillars for the perfect balance


Jochen Hamm

CEO, Managing Partner

Entrepreneur and Visionary Jochen is the management team’s strategist and responsible for web and software development projects. He is the co-founder of amiconsult GmbH and Managing Partner of the company.


Daniel M. Meyer

CEO, Managing Partner

Empath and Networker As founder and CEO, Daniel does not only keep an eye on financial matters. He focuses on his employees in particular: He is an avid listener and finds the right solutions using his strong network.


Achim Uhrig

Director Consulting, Officer with Procurement

Communicator and CCO Achim has built up, and is now leading, the SAP Consulting department while also acting as its Key Account Manager. His other focus areas are recruiting and marketing.


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Insights into our home base.


2003-2020: Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

Foundation Due to customer demand, Jochen Hamm and Daniel Meyer found amiconsult GmbH.

The idea is to create a surrounding which is fun to work at, since most everyone spends more time in the office than at home.

This vision is to create a strong direct partnership with customers acting as the “friend” to always turn to for questions. From the beginning we’ve been striving to establish a holistic consulting approach. This means we offer more than an immediate solution, always keep an eye on the bigger picture thereby offering solutions that create greater value for our customers.



ami = from latin amicus (friend)

consult = short for consulting

History with Daniel and Jochen