Agile Reise

The agile journey: How do I develop an agile mindset?

Dear reader, today, I would like to take you on my own and very personal agile journey, which ultimately led me to the company culture of amiconsult. At that time, I wanted to become more “agile” myself and asked myself how…

Agile Booster

Agile Boost for your business

We live in a time in which technical progress is advancing rapidly. At the same time, the demand for transparency, co-determination and flexible working time models is growing. Established processes are being completely turned upside down and…

agile manifest

20 Years of Agile Manifesto – Our experience

You’ve probably come across or heard about the Agile Manifesto at some point in your working life or somewhere else. But what exactly is the Agile Manifesto and why is it so valuable for our work and our interaction?…

Feedbackkultur Grafik

amiconsult – a culture of open feedback

In all likelihood, all but the luckiest (or youngest) of us have had an employer before that was most interested in us during the job interview and the relationship steadily petered out from there. A meeting…